Difficulty getting up in the morning/ out of bed - 10 Solutions
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Really good article on how to do it (a must read!):

Sometimes getting out of bed is difficult because you dont look forward to living the day (=hiding under your blanket)!

If you had exciting stuff waiting for you it would not be so difficult to get out of bed. Think about how you can make yourself looking forward to get up and enjoy the day.

Maybe you just dont get enough sleep and need to go to bed earlier. For some people hours slept before midnight count twice, so maybe that will do the trick.

Have a tall glass of water beside your bed. First thing you do when you wake is drink the full glass. That will help wake you up.

Every night, move the alarm clock to a different place, then, each morning, you’ll be rummaging around looking for it! By the time you find it and switch it off, you’ll feel like it’s not worth going back to bed. Great fun!

Tell him/ her to be persistant; an alarm clock can always be tricked.

If it is loud enough it will be much harder to put your mind back into a sleepy mode.

I always do that so that I cannot just snooze one and continue to sleep.

when you go to bed at night, you should be in a positive frame of mind, with a good thought. If you fall asleep with the last thought being negative like, “Oh boy, tomorrow is Monday, it’s going to be the blues for me…,”, you are going to wake up the next day definitely feeling depressed and you are going to be stuck in bed for sure!

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