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hello my name is blessing and am very happy i want to post on this forum on how a great spell caster helped me out his name is dr uzaall i know there are women like me out there who are experiencing this kind of problem i am here to tell you to search no further as the answer is here if ther are up to five spellcasters like him this world would be a better place, my husband with whom i have been married for six years with two kids left me and my kids and we were really suffering i was running up and down i contacted many spell casters until a friend of mine introduced me to a spell caster called dr uzaall i contacted and he told me things that made me surprised and he told me sincerely that he can cast a spell that will work in less than three days he casted the spell on tuesday and by wednesday my husband came back to me i will continue to speak of him to the world as he treat everybody like his child,, he told me he can also cast love spell, lotto spells, contract winning spell, promotion in office spell, and so on so contact him now on his email hope he help you out too,, thank you great father once again here is his mail


  1. This looks amazing. I still have a stash of dried beirres left from my holiday baking, so I’ll be able to give this a try. I’m new here but I love the food and recipes you feature. I’ll definitely be back. Have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  2. What a pretty boy! The buns look so soft!Yes, “lait” means milk in French. “Au” means lieatrlly “to/(in)to/at the _____.” So, let’s say … “pain au lait” lieatrlly means “bread to the milk.”

  3. -53-LewisThanks for your comment, let me offer a bit of a clcaafirition of your point, which is correct it its conclusion, but misses a few details.1. A linear trend from 1880 shows no increase.2. In this context, RC11 adopts an unconventional “non-linear trend” that ignores (for the most part, and increasingly back into time) what happened before 1980 (see update above) — Note it is unconventional in the attribution literature, if fact I think it is sui genesis.3. The paper draws our attention to 1911 because, as SR explains, their hypothetical Monte Carlo simulation used 100 years — an arbitrary choice if ever there was one4. Since the hypothetical used 100 years, they apply that time period to the Russian data — conveniently5. The paper asserts that adding in the 1880-1909 data strengthens the top line conclusion — this is just wrong, the data itself has no effect (see Martin Vermeer’s comments reproduced above — Steig was in fact wrong in his comment, which explains why he has not reappeared with those numbers). Adding more years does change the abstract math, thus giving an impression that is simply not true. (Think about it, would adding 3 decades of warmer temperatures to the analysis really make recent extremes statistically _more_ likely? This doesn’t even pass the laugh test.)You are correct that when asked to provide very simple and straightforward numbers RC has refused.Bernie in -52- is onto something — the cherrypick in this case is so much in-your-face that it cannot be obscured by appeals to methodological complexity.Advice for RC next time — further complexify your cherry picks to ensure maximum plausible deniability ;-)SR has accused me of libel for pointing all of this out, a very strong claim, and used that as a basis for refusing to comment on his paper in the face of my very simple questions — I await being sued!

  4. Hi There Nice to meet you Amelia. Thanks so much! Glad you love my work I’m so excited to start Kelly’s e-course. I’m taikng a painting workshop this week, so I haven’t been able to look at or meet any of the people in the class yet, I will next week. Thanks so much for writing me. I can’t wait to share this experience with you

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